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Kitchen Remodelling Brisbane

A streamlined three-phase process for Kitchen Renovations.

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to increase the value of investment in your home. The kitchen is the heart of your home and we can help you create a warm and inviting kitchen.

You may only want to replace your kitchen cabinets or perhaps want an entirely new layout and floor plan. Our design team is experienced in every aspect of remodeling your project. Kitchen Renovation 4U has worked with meticulous homeowners, providing top quality craftsmanship each step of the way.

Kitchen remodeling plans created by designers, architects or experienced home design specialists may also require a significant spending budget, however home owners realize that money spent for the kitchen renovations is regarded as the most effective ways to boost the value of your home. A kitchen remodel in New Jersey can be quite an overwhelming process when considering property owners who have big hopes and dreams along with a limited spending budget.

One of the key benefits in regards to kitchen remodeling in Australia, is without a doubt upgrading and modernizing your kitchen appliances. A kitchen renovation project can be as simple as new windows and walls, brand new floor coverings, or even newer cabinets. Remember to keep under consideration that renovation may consist of a wide array of areas from floors to ceiling as well as other things in between. Planning and budgeting is vital as it can easily turn out to be costly, mainly because it could require remodeling all sorts of things from the kitchen sink to the floor in your kitchen. Kitchen Renovation 4U remodeling company can help you accomplish the improvements of your home without a problem.

Our Kitchen Design Process

In Australia, the kitchen serves as a gathering place for family and friends, and the heartbeat of the home. This is why an ergonomically-designed kitchen space not only adds value to the home but to the quality of life within it. For this reason, a kitchen renovation is one of the simplest forms of enhancing all that the kitchen space has to offer within a home.


A Streamlined Three-Phase Process For Brisbane Kitchen Renovation Projects:


Phase 1: Design

Phase 2: Materials

Phase 3: Renovation & Installation

Phase 1: Design

The first step in any kitchen renovation project is the design phase, where a professional designer works with the homeowner to create a design that will achieve the goals of the homeowner with the kitchen space. In this phase, your remodeling consultant will work to:

A. Define Measurements: The design team will visit your home and record precise measurements of the current kitchen space, which will be used to develop the plans for the future space. As NYC kitchen renovators for many years we are well aware of the small kitchen spaces many of our clients are dealing with. We take pride in our small kitchen remodel expertise and the ability to maximize every inch and make your small kitchen look and feel bigger.

B. Mockups: You will see a full mockup rendering of where we propose placing every kitchen design element, from cabinetry to appliances to lighting and beyond. Here, we’ll work with you to review what your design consultant is proposing and to make any changes you would like to see.

C. Budgeting: Determining the budget for your kitchen remodeling and associated costs with the proposed mockups is important. We will make any alterations necessary to remain within the budget you desire. Budgeting is a more streamlined process at Kitchen Renovation 4U design firms. Because we are a full-service kitchen and bathroom design company, we work with one singular team for the entire project from start to finish, which means communication about and management of all costs are handled by the project manager.

D. Aesthetics: Coordinated aesthetics are integral to a kitchen remodel. View a wide range of kitchen remodel pictures to get ideas. We will work with you to match the finishes on your new cabinetry, countertops, lighting fixtures, flooring, backsplash, and other design elements.

Phase 2: Materials

Our experience provides us with a high level of well crafted products where we can source the best materials for kitchen renovation from only the best cabinet, countertop, appliance, and fixture suppliers. Our designers will work with you to review the aesthetics for your specific project. — Did you see something in a showroom or an expo or show? — We can help to either build or source the best materials we’ll need for the job.

A. Cabinets: We supply Australian made cabinetry as well as a range of international cabinet makers in both modern and traditional styles. We can commission cabinet projects in any finish, style, or material.

B. Countertops: Our network allows us to source a range of countertop you desire, including quartz (Caesarstone, Sile Stone, Zodiaq), Ice Stone (Recycled Glass and Concrete), natural stone, granite, wood, glass, stainless steel, concrete, and Richlite (recycled paper product).

C. Appliances: We can source any appliance from any manufacturer you desire. We will be happy to consult with you on various appliances, appliance manufacturers to suit your needs and measurements.

D. Fixtures: Our consultants will work with you to choose the right fixtures including kitchen sinks, taps, knobs, hoods, backsplashes, lighting, and more.

Phase 3: Renovation & Installation

Our team of kitchen remodeling contractors and designers excel in their professionalism and craftsmanship. They will work throughout the renovation and installation process to provide high level work that works within your budget, schedule, and quality. Our streamlined full-service approach means working with one team and one vision.. You wont need to juggle contractors as our project manager will manage entire team throughout the renovation process.





1) FREE ON-SITE CONSULTATION for your kitchen design

The 1st step to every home improvement project is an on-site consultation. Discuss your needs with one of our building specialists.



After finalizing a vision for the scope of the project at your consultation, our designers will work on creating a design proposal.



Often residents don’t realize how many hurdles need to be addressed in order to complete a kitchen or bath remodeling project.



With building approval, material, labor, and design all in place, production on the project begins.



After main construction and installation is completed, your project manager will walk you through the space.



Best Kitchen Renovation specialist

Our team at Kitchen Renovation 4U can help you transform your kitchen into your dream design. From a makeover to a complete new kitchen fit-out, we have a solution to suit any budget and kitchen.

We will co-ordinate your kitchen renovation here on the Gold Coast from start to finish ensuring plumber, electrician, tiler, plasterer and cornice works, painter and canopy installation can all be organised, which will make the renovation process flows nicely. We will provide you with a creative and functional kitchen best suited to your family and offer a high level of professional service. Some of our kitchen ranges are made locally in the Gold Coast,by our highly skilled cabinet makers using the best quality products and finishes made in Australia where possible, to Australian standards. At KR4U we can offer much more than a new kitchen.

If you require building works, walls and windows removed or installed, we are fully licensed to provide the best service to you. We pride ourselves on offering a full service to guide customers through the task of a kitchen renovation. From the bench-top, through to beautiful selection of door finishes and an amazing selection of components and lighting ideas we are here to help you. We have engineered stone available as well, which is a great is a option for a kitchen makeovers.

We will always provide professional advice to all our clients. When you find it difficult to choose between a kitchen makeover and a new kitchen. Talk to the team!

About Kitchen Renovation 4U

Kitchen Renovation 4U (KR4U) is a family-owned business with traditional values and a service that you can trust. From simple kitchen makeovers, where we transform your existing kitchen, to full renovations: we can help. We have an extensive range of doors, panels and handles; as well as accessories, such splash backs to help you create a kitchen with functionality and style.

We have completed many kitchens on the Gold Coast kitchen and we can work with any existing decor. With our free quotes, there are no hidden surprises. You will know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost upfront!


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