Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs & Renovations

Are you thinking about upgrading or renovating your kitchen. The new year is the perfect time to start researching as with each New Year comes fresh designs and trends with new and exciting kitchen products.

Your kitchen really is the heart of your home, Families spend a major part of their time together in the kitchen eating and talking. Your kitchen is the work-horse of the house, and is the social hub of the modern family. Everything happens in this area, from cooking and entertaining to planning, doing home-work and socializing. Families rely on the kitchen for most of our daily activities.You need your kitchen space to be as practical and functional as possible.

Kitchen Design Layout Trends

A thoughtful layout is required for a successful kitchen design. This design should provide for durable long lasting finishes,have good ergonomics, and provision of reputable products. Our team stay abreast of the latest trends in kitchen designs and can help you make the best choices when it comes to renovating your kitchen.

Some new kitchen designs are incorporating bar areas, or secondary prep areas into kitchen designs. These are created within the island and create an additional space for food preparation, giving you the ability to work with others around you. This area can have an additional small sink and featured tap ware as well.

Kitchen Colours Styles and Finishes

There is a trend towards the darker colors with moody color palettes for the kitchen with home owners following suit. You can have some great designs with charcoals and grey’s. There are many featured black kitchens with black appliances, pendant lights and featured tiles or stone splash backs
Kitchen Finishes

With new designs coming out all the time, there is a trend to color layering and texture with the mixing of finishes that create stunning and interesting spaces. These beautiful finishes are in harmony with organic elements like timber. Designing things like this around the island bench are great adding timber flooring or oak timber tiles.

When you add dark porcelain or slate top benches with a 3 dimensional splash back tile your can create an awesome looking kitchen. Perhaps add polished mirror shine finish with matte black cabinets, add brass tapware and more.

Tuxedo Kitchens

The ‘Tuxedo’ look is growing in popularity. This design has high contrast with combining two tones with a monochromatic coloor combo of the prestige looking black and white with elements of brass or timber. The overall look adds warmth with elegance.

Kitchen Cabinetry and Hardware Trends

Kitchen Cabinets

Colour blocking cabinetry will be the way forward. Wall cabinets in a contrasting colour to the base cabinetry are a winning combo that we will continue to see throughout the year. Popular colour combo’s include navy with muted grey and white or black, grey and timber.

Navy is expected to become the Kitchen colour of 2017. Navy really works well with brass accessories and is the suggested finish to go with this colour. More and more kitchen designs are continuing wall cabinetry to extend to the underside of the ceiling to maximise storage space and minimise dust collection.

Kitchen Storage

Incorporating clever storage solutions and using every inch of kitchen cupboard space efficiently is set to become the standard rather than an added extra. Kitchen cupboards will boast deep drawers that allow items to be more easily accessible will come with self-closing mechanisms.

Adding open shelving or floating shelves to your design provides space for the items that reflect your unique character and personality. Maker sure these are added in contrasting colors to the cabinetry as this assists in breaking up the space and adding extra flavour the the design.

Kitchen Hardware

The most popular finishes for cabinet handles are Matt Black, Satin Nickel, Pewter and Antique Brass. The thing that is common to all these finishes is that they are matte not high gloss finishes and so do not show finger marks all that easily.

All the elements in the kitchen are important including the door hardware. Do you want your appliances hidden or showing. We can add butlers pantries or add doors to hide your appliances.

Adding internal passage levers to you butlers pantry doors help keep a blended look throughout the kitchen. Aliding cavity sets and plush pulls are perfect when installing sliding cavity doors

With 2018 seeing a trend towards more neutral tones in the kitchen, sliding cavity sets and flush pulls also work in seamlessly with a kitchen’s overall aesthetic.


Because quality and speed are our major concerns to us at Kitchen Renovation4U. We have developed a streamlined approach for the renovation process. This gurantees clear communication amongst all teams involved with your renovation project.


The 1st step to every home improvement project is an on-site consultation. Discuss your needs with one of our building specialists.


After finalizing a vision for the scope of the project at your consultation, our designers will work on creating a design proposal.


Often residents don’t realize how many hurdles need to be addressed in order to complete a kitchen or bath remodeling project.


With building approval, material, labor, and design all in place, production on the project begins.


After main construction and installation is completed, your project manager will walk you through the space.

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