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10 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Contractor

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start the remodeling project you’ve been dreaming about. Or maybe you’re just improving the value of your home. Either way, whether it’s a big project, it’s critical for you to find the right contractor to get the job done and guaranteed. We want to help you make the perfect choice, so we’ve prepared a list of 10 important questions to ask your contractor. If they can’t answer these questions satisfactorily, you should not give them your business.

What is your license number?

You only want to work with a contractor that are licensed. When you have a contractor’s license number, you can call the Australian licensing Department of that state to confirm that the license number is valid and up to date.

Feel free to check out our builders before or after you meet for a free consultation.
Are you a stable, reliable company or a “man in a van?

We take pride in our ability to welcome clients Since every project has a Project Manager, you will always be able to contact your Project Manager any time you’d like.or speak directly with the office staff.

What type and how much insurance do you carry?

By law, Home Improvement Contractors must carry liability, disability and worker’s compensation. Our builders carry all of the above with a total coverage of $5-10 million which is the highest amount required by even the most exclusive operations. This gives our clients complete confidence in the unlikely event of an accident.

Do you belong to the Tradies4U group?

All builders that work for Kitchen Renovation 4U and or its subsidiaries must abide by a core set of principles. Honesty Integrity and reliability… members agree to abide by strict business practices and resolve any complaints quickly and fairly. We are proud of our record. Builders are hand picked by Tradies4U Australia before they are brought on as contractors for our clients

Do you have references relevant to my project?

Yes. We believe that past performance is always the best indicator. At Kitchen Renovation 4U, our builders document the projects with photos that capture the work accomplished – from before to during and after.

Who will handle the day-to-day?

You will want to ensure that your project is a priority and that the contractor is not overextended. That’s why we assign a Project Manager to your project who is responsible for every phase of construction from gutting to final completion. Our Builder/Project Managers come to Kitchen Renovation 4U with years of experience in construction management and are subject to ongoing training, which is essential for our ever-changing industry.

Will you help me design my space?

For sure as we believe everything starts with design – to get it right we make sure we hire the right people. We recruit tilers, plumbers, painters that also abide by our code of conduct. These professionals understand our processes and procedures inside-out, are passionate about design trends and are committed to the highest levels of customer service.

How can I calculate how long a project will take?

Schedules need to factor in the time of everyone involved and consider how long it takes to design, order and receive materials. Manufacturers’ schedules and requisite approvals/permits must also be considered. At Kitchen renovation4u, our builders draw a timeline that shows you how long each stage of the project will take.

An added benefit of engaging us, is that our crews are always available to start projects. Kitchen Renovation 4U has highly-trained, long-standing construction crews at our disposal. This insures that no project is held up or delayed due to a lack of manpower.

We have an excellent track record for completing projects on time, and we often surprise our customers by finishing the job earlier than expected.

When can you start?

At Kitchen Renovation4U, we have a robust team that is organized and able to handle numerous projects at the same time. Our process starts out with you meeting a Building/Remodeling Consultant – at your earliest convenience. He or she will explore ideas with you, take measurements at your home, design the space, and then help you choose products and materials. After everything has been designed, ordered, and finalized, your Project Manager holds a job-site walk through with you and the Remodeling Consultant to review the entire job before starting. When the materials come in, the construction begins.

What is your warranty on labor and materials?

We provide all of our clients with a warranty on all labor. We only deal with manufacturers who provide a warranty on their products as well.





1) FREE ON-SITE CONSULTATION for your kitchen design

The 1st step to every home improvement project is an on-site consultation. Discuss your needs with one of our building specialists.



After finalizing a vision for the scope of the project at your consultation, our designers will work on creating a design proposal.



Often residents don’t realize how many hurdles need to be addressed in order to complete a kitchen or bath remodeling project.



With building approval, material, labor, and design all in place, production on the project begins.



After main construction and installation is completed, your project manager will walk you through the space.



Best Kitchen Renovation specialist

Our team at Kitchen Renovation 4U can help you transform your kitchen into your dream design. From a makeover to a complete new kitchen fit-out, we have a solution to suit any budget and kitchen.

We will co-ordinate your kitchen renovation here on the Gold Coast from start to finish ensuring plumber, electrician, tiler, plasterer and cornice works, painter and canopy installation can all be organised, which will make the renovation process flows nicely. We will provide you with a creative and functional kitchen best suited to your family and offer a high level of professional service. Some of our kitchen ranges are made locally in the Gold Coast,by our highly skilled cabinet makers using the best quality products and finishes made in Australia where possible, to Australian standards. At KR4U we can offer much more than a new kitchen.

If you require building works, walls and windows removed or installed, we are fully licensed to provide the best service to you. We pride ourselves on offering a full service to guide customers through the task of a kitchen renovation. From the bench-top, through to beautiful selection of door finishes and an amazing selection of components and lighting ideas we are here to help you. We have engineered stone available as well, which is a great is a option for a kitchen makeovers.

We will always provide professional advice to all our clients. When you find it difficult to choose between a kitchen makeover and a new kitchen. Talk to the team!

About Kitchen Renovation 4U

Kitchen Renovation 4U (KR4U) is a family-owned business with traditional values and a service that you can trust. From simple kitchen makeovers, where we transform your existing kitchen, to full renovations: we can help. We have an extensive range of doors, panels and handles; as well as accessories, such splash backs to help you create a kitchen with functionality and style.

We have completed many kitchens on the Gold Coast kitchen and we can work with any existing decor. With our free quotes, there are no hidden surprises. You will know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost upfront!


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